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UV Denture Sterilization Cleaner

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UV Dental Sanitizer is a uniquely designed portable case that effectively sanitizes dentures, retainers, mouth and night guards, whitening trays, and other dental appliances in just 8 minutes. Using germicidal ultraviolet light, the UV Dental Sanitizer kills 99.9% of microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria.

Protect your Denture and oral hygiene products, enhance your smile.
• Safe and effectively sanitizes dentures, retainers, mouth & night guards, whitening trays, and all other removable oral appliances
• Germicidal ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria
• Multifunction, can be used as UV sanitizer, denture storage, and soaking/cleaning box 
• Sterilises in 8 minutes and automatically shuts off when sanitization is complete.
• High-quality UVC light bulb and made of food-grade polypropylene, maximize your oral hygiene
• Prevents any moisture, dirt on the denture, and oral appliances.
• Prevents unpleasant odor and discoloration of your dentures
• No Batteries required.
• Easy to use 
• Portable and effective

• UVC light bulb inside kills 99.9% bacteria.
• 4parts free combination for multi-function: UV sanitizer, denture storage, and soaking cup 
• Hygienic way to store your dentures, retainers or mouth guards 
• Close-to-Airtight Design – Prevents any moisture, dirt or dust ingress 
• Rinsing basket helps drip the wet dentures and dries them quickly 
• Ease-to-use: only one button, and 4 parts free combination 
• Makes it convenient to carry dentures or other appliances during travel 
• Can also stores and sanitizers teethers, pacifiers, gum shields, bite Guards, etc. 
• Made up of food-grade Polypropylene 
• Can also store teethers, Pacifiers, Gum Shields, Bite Guards, etc. 
• Ideal gift for elderly people, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and toddlers in family, or even for travelers as small storage box

                 Product Description

Material ABS plastic
Product dimensions 8.6*8.6*10.2cm
Color White
Wattage 1.5W
Input Voltage 5V
Batteries required No


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