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Portable toothbrush air-dried UV disinfection container - Romantic Powder

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The humid environment at home like the kitchen, bathroom, etc can breed bacteria. Ordinary storage boxes can produce smell and breed bacteria. This mobile personal disinfection storage is three in one air-drying, sterilization, and storage. You can use for It helps with quick-drying with UV sterilization. Dynamic edge curve design container with a variety of colors. Has 2000mah with 18650 lithium battery, stable, safe, and long standby time. US imported UVC LED light with a wavelength of 275mm can effectively kill germs that grow on the toothbrush. The dry and disinfection is a silent process. The lid can be used as a drinking cup or mouthwash cup. Multiple holes and different sizes can hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushed, tableware, razor, small towel, comb, etc. With one-button operation, drying and sterilization are done.

Battery Capacity: 2000mah

Size: 85x65x211.5mm

Product material: Silicone + ABS

Working principle: Deep UVC LED lamp sterilization

Wavelength: 275mm

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shreesh1 days ago
"Nice Product"