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BumGum Smart Gntl Sonic Toothbrush with App Tracking Habit

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BumGum Smart Gntl Sonic Toothbrush is a more effective way of brushing your teeth compared to traditional toothbrushes. 5 modes to achieve better cleaning than your manual toothbrush. Super long battery life and can work up to 180 days on a single charge with induction charging. DuPont and W-shaped brush with soft bristle. 43,000 times of vibration per minute to clean away plaque. Excellent ergonomics design, easy to use and will keep you in the good habit of bass brushing. It has a two-minute smart timer, 30-sec zone change, and automatic mode memory. IPX7 waterproof and App tracking habit.

Package Content: 1 toothbrush handle, 2 brush heads, user manual, Induction stand with USB charging cable.

5 Modes Available

This rechargeable electric toothbrush has 5 modes available to fully guard your dental health.

- Sensitive mode

- Clean mode

- White mode

- Polish mode

- Smart mode 

High-Frequency Sonic Vibration: 43,000 Vibrations Per Minute

43,000 vibrations per minute effectively remove tartar and prevent gingivitis.

W-shaped Brush Head Fits More to Gums

The brush head has DuPont soft bristles. The rounded bristle reduces irritation in the oral cavity and soft bristles will protect the teeth and gums. The W-shaped brush head cleans the gap between teeth perfectly. The high-density bristles enlarge the contact area to teeth and clean teeth for effective cleaning. 

Octagonal Shape for BASS

Octagonal design handle, more suitable in terms of ergonomics. The octagonal shape with soft bristles well matches for BASS Brushing Method.



2-minute Smart Timer, 30-second Interval Pause, Automatic Memory Pattern, Self-locking Function

Brush your teeth for two minutes and divide your teeth into four areas. Each area is cleaned for 30 seconds. This product has a built-in timer to assist you to brush your teeth in 2 minutes. The timer helps you cultivate a healthy brushing habit. The vibration reminder every 30 seconds indicates when you have finished cleaning one area of the mouth, help you assist to continue with another area for a more consistent and thorough cleaning experience. This toothbrush has a mode of auto-memory function, which means that it will automatically remember the mode if you use it for more than 5 seconds, helping you to choose the familiar mode directly without readjustment. If you press the switch button for 6 seconds, it will be self-locked from misoperation due to an unexpected boot-up.

Ultra-long Battery Life, One Charge Lasts 180 Days

One charge lasts about 150 to 180 days (suppose you brush 2 times a day and 2 minutes for each time). Ultra-long standby time and ultra-large battery capacity enable you to charge twice a year.


IPX7 Waterproof Grade

The waterproof performance of the product meets the IPX7 Waterproof standard. This standard ensures effective performance even if the USB port is exposed to a humid environment for a certain period of time. Most importantly, the Micro USB Port itself (while unplugged) is IPX7 water-resistant as well, which means even if water enters the port, it will not damage the toothbrush. It can be adopted even in the bathroom without worrying about being ruined in a wet environment.

Habit Tracking App

Inside the box, there is an instruction manual to install the app. The app will help you to track your brushing habit. You can customize 600+ programs as per your cleaning choice. You can check your weekly and monthly charts. In one app you can link all the other BumGum Smart Gntl Sonic Toothbrush in your house.


 Warranty for 1 Year


 Unboxing                                                                          App Installation




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