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iRo Toothbrush Cover- Violet

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Sold by: Smile Merchant Pro
  • iRO is the first brush cover that protects 99.9% against bacteria
  • It’s made to prevent the accumulation of water, as well as the formation of new bacterial colonies
  • Its shape adapts to all brushes
  • Its internal texture favors a mechanical cleaning of the bristles.
  • It is a totally eco-sustainable and recyclable product
  • Totally Recyclable
  • Effective for 90 days

iRo Toothbrush Cover cleans and protects toothbrush bristles. It gently releases lichen extract to help with brush hygiene, removes residue, and cleans bristles. It’s microbiologically tested to protect your toothbrush from bacteria. It fits all toothbrush types. 100% recyclable and can be used for up to 90 days.