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iLo Natural Whitening Stretchable Floss

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  • The floss that illuminates. It is the first whitening floss
  • Gently polish the enamel between your teeth turning bright and respecting your gums.
  • Soft and elastic, it stretches gently reaching each gap in your mouth.
  • It perfumes your mouth with menthol and essential oils of sage and lemon, plant extracts known for their whitening properties.
  • It doesn’t contain SLS.
  • It is totally recyclable.
  • It’s not recommended for kids under 6 years of age.
  • Store in its box after each use.
  • Up to 60 uses

iLo Whitening Dental Floss is the only reusable elastic dental floss suitable for all. It stretches and fits perfectly to the gaps in the teeth. White kaolin formulated in the polymeric polishes your teeth. Peppermint refreshes your mouth and essential sage, lemon oils, and plant extract help with teeth whitening. It comes with three noodles in a pocket-sized box and can be used up to 60 times per noodle. 100% recyclable, without SLS, chlorine, and fluoride, and no Peg. 


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shreesh1 days ago
"Nice Product"