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bluem Pre-Filled Oral Gel Syringes, Pack of 3

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Sold by: Smile Merchant Pro

Content: 3 Syringes with 3ml gel each and 9 tips.

Specially developed by a team of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists for specific problems in the mouth, bluem® Oral Gel contains an extra high concentration of active oxygen and restores normal levels of oxygen in oral pockets, bleeding gums and wounds.

It's this accelerated rate of healing that makes the Gel ideal for use following extraction, oral surgery, placement of implants and chemotherapy. It can even be used to treat soft tissue damage caused by ill-fitting dentures. 

Once applied to the affected area, the gel will release oxygen creating a partially high oxygen pressure (pO2), which aids in restoring the micro-environment for a healthy oral cavity.


Bluem Oral Gel syringe