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Ubrush! Electric Interdental

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Comprehensive oral hygiene is a high priority as a preventive measure. Especially in interdental areas, gingival and periodontal inflammation as well as caries develop increasingly. People often underestimate the importance of interdental space cleaning. The electric interdental UBrush! supports and facilitates oral hygiene at home. UBrush! with 167 vibrations per second provides
thorough, effective interdental care. It can easily be integrated into daily dental care. A large selection of brushes (diameter 0.5 – 1.2 mm) ensures that every interdental space can be reached and cleaned. An integrated LED light ensures optimal illumination of the area during cleaning. The control can be done via the supplied mirror.

Package contains:
1. Ubrush! Handpiece
2. 11 brush (mixed size)
3. Small finger
4. Stand
5. One battery AA