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UV Toothbrush Sanitizer / Sterilizer

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Sold by: Smile Merchant Pro

Solar Panel: Not just sunlight,any light (including natural light and indoor light) can be absorbed to extend the working time.

Motion Detection: when body is within 1 meter of station it will smartly postpone the sterilizing process.

USB Power Plug: Fully charged at first time and each time at low battery status.

ON/OFF: Switch the sterilizing function.

Inductor light: It will flicker when low battery.

Toothpaste holder: Where toothpaste be placed

  • UV sterilization: 260~290nm UV LED lamp, environmental and non-toxic, with the sterilizing rate of 99.99%
  • Bacteriostasis by photocatalysis :Destroy and kill the cell membrane of bacterial and freeze the protein carrier of virus effectively
  • Amorphous silicon thin film solar energy:Not just sunlight,any light can be charged (including natural light and indoor light) to extend the working time of product
  • Human induction:Sterilizing system is activated by human motion, sterilizing automatically after user leave
  • Super capacity:4 toothbrushes/1 dental floss/1 tongue scraper/1 shave,great for family usage
  • Fixed amount of toothpaste can be automatically squeezed out