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Teeth Whitening Machine for home use

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Teeth Whitening Machine for home use

Model: M-520

This product is a teeth bleaching machine for home, it is easy for you to use at anywhere. It makes the machine more useful and convenient.

♢ Rapidly improve the tetracycline teeth and aging yellow teeth.

♢ Whitening fluorine spot teeth.

♢ Rapid whitening black teeth yellow teeth and cigarette teeth.



  • Compact size and easy to use, handheld easy to use.
  • Consists of 5 high-performance blue LEDs and 2 red LEDs,high light-energy output at about 1000mW/cm2
  • Wave length range: 430~490nm with peak 465nm.
  • Build- in rechargeable battery inside make it portable.
  • With the charging base,more convenient to use and charge.
  • Once charged, you can use it everywhere,make your smile more brilliant.

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shreesh1 days ago
"Nice Product"