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Stoddard Antibacterial Interdental Brushes- Trial Pack (Mix Size)- Pack of 6

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Stoddard Antibacterial Interdental Brushes made in the UK, this new product retains the exceptional quality and iconic design of our regular interdental brush, but with added antibacterial protection. This high-quality hygienic brush fights bacteria on a cellular level, killing bacteria and inhibiting its growth by the addition of new antibacterial technology in the manufacturing process. Completely invisible, tasteless, and odorless it silently protects the user against harmful bacteria that could be present on the brush. Every brush comes complete with an antibacterial cap; the ingredients are added during the manufacture of both the nylon filament and the molding of the protective cap to produce a hygienic ‘safe zone’ around the brush head. Safe technology with lasting protection, the brush is ISO compliant and the additives are FDA approved. With the latest advances in science and technology, we are able to use a new revolutionary, purely natural technology in this product which is completely harmless and safe for everyday use. The antibacterial protection lasts for as long as the product which delivers effective protection killing 99.99% of bacteria. Due to the quality of the additive and its manufacturing application, it does not leach out or wash off, therefore preventing any loss of effectiveness. The antibacterial defense starts at manufacture but continues on to and after use ensuring continuous protection throughout. To ensure the extended life of the products, do not bend repeatedly beyond a 45-degree angle.


• Medically safe
• Combats tooth decay
• A multiuse product
• Removes plaque
• Size(mm) : 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.6 & 0.7
• Tests prove a reduction of bacteria by 99.99%
• British design and manufacture
• Promotes healthier gums
• Freshens breath
• Produced in a manufacturing facility approved for the production of medical devices