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Mini Sonic Denture/ Oral Appliances Cleaning Box - Blue

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Clean dentures the professional way

It can be difficult to get your dentures properly clean. Even if you’re meticulous rinse, soak, and brush them daily, over time stains can build upon them. To continue enjoying things like tea/coffee/regular food with spice etc, without having to sacrifice the lovely white appearance of your dentures, retainers, aligners/oral appliances use this mini ultrasonic sonic denture box to regularly deep cleanse them.

This denture cleaner uses sonic vibrations to remove stains, bacteria, and tartar and food particles. This method is used by dentists as it can remove microscopic debris that brushing can’t. The vibrations propel the liquid against the surface of your dentures, removing any leftover debris that brushing cannot take off. It creates tiny bubbles that will break against the dentures to provide even more powerful cleaning.


  • Sonic vibrations remove stains, bacteria, and plaque
  • No overnight soaking needed
  • Powered by USB cable or 3xAAA batteries (not included)
  • Cleans deep where brushes can't reach
  • It can clean dentures, retainers, aligners, oral appliances, etc.
  • Compact design and instant results.


Directions for using Mini Sonic Denture/Oral Appliances Cleaner Box  

  • The first step, brush your denture thoroughly. This helps loosen up particles, films, and debris. It will enhance the level of cleaning accomplished by ultrasonic treatment.
  • The unit's tank must be filled with water so that, your denture must be fully submerged in the liquid to receive the full effects of ultrasonic cleaning.
  • For better results, you can add the denture cleaning tablets/ gels.
  • Set the unit tank over the machine, turn on the unit and let it run through its cycle.
  • Press once for 5 minutes, press twice for 10 minutes, and press thrice for 15 minutes.
  • You can stop between the process, press the button.
  • Afterward, rinse your denture thoroughly with tap water.

                          Product Detail

Item Name Mini Sonic Denture/ oral Appliances Cleaning Box 
Usage  To clean denture, retainers, aligners, oral appliances, etc
Color Blue (available in other colors too)
Material of box ABS & PC
Weight  150g

How to use


  • Fill the unit tank with water till the denture is full submerged
  • Don’t overfill the unit tank with water or else it will spill during vibration.
  • Keep the machine dry.