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BumGum Expanded Floss Box 50M |Pack of 2 |Box of 5

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1 Box containing 5 Floss of Two Pack

BumGum Expanded floss is ultra-soft floss that expands and stretches in size, filling up the entire interproximal space, and thereby delivering a professional and gentle clean. The difference from regular floss is that the floss grows thicker whenever it comes into contact with saliva or other bodily-produced fluids, even moisture. The friction created during flossing also helps the string expand. It is lightly waxed and mint flavor. Expanding Floss is made of nylon fibers that are gentle on sensitive gums. It's compressed and lightly waxed for effective cleaning and comfortable use. The floss is soft and easy to slide into the tooth after adding wax. When used, the floss is naturally fluffy in the oral cavity, increasing the contact area with the gap of the teeth, thus deep cleaning the gap.