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Benefits of Water Flosser

Water flosser has many names oral irrigator or dental water jet. It’s a home dental care appliance that removes food particles and dental plaque with the help of a high-pressure water stream. But it’s not a replacement for brushing.
It’s an alternative to traditional flossing with string floss.

Both have different processes to use it. The traditional string floss is like a thread designed to go between your teeth gap and remove stuck food particles. Cut 18-inch string floss and wind it around the fingers. Slide the thread between the teeth gap. Make a c-shape and go back and forth without missing the gum line on both sides of the teeth gap. For a water flosser you just need to fill the tank with water or even mouthwash. Insert the nozzle and direct the nozzle towards your gum line for a few seconds. Let the water clean the area.

The benefit of Water flosser
1.       Less abrasive- To clean with traditional flossing we have to slide the floss between the teeth gap. Sometimes due to force or not doing properly, the gums can get cuts which can cause bleeding, redness, or swelling. Due to this many people quit flossing. For water flosser, it’s just a stream of water cleaning between interdental space and gums which even massage the gums. No cuts, no redness, and no swelling. 

2.       For Orthodontic patients: For people with braces, food particles get stuck between teeth and even in the wires and brackets so flossing becomes a difficult task.  For people with dental bridges, the dental bridge can have gaps and it needs to be cleaned but using floss through them is not easy. The pressure from the water flosser helps to remove food particles that can cause cavities in and around the orthodontic appliances, making flossing easier.

3.       Gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis develop pockets or spaces. It becomes difficult to floss with swollen, red, and tender gums as they can bleed. With a water flosser, it becomes easy to clean not only the gums but also the pockets around the gums. This gives better cleaning which can prevent more infection and improves gum health.

4.       Mobility issues- People can find flossing difficult if they have mobility or who cannot hold things with their hands. Water flosser can be held easily with minimal hand movement, unlike string floss. People with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or osteoporosis may find water flosser easier to use than dental floss, they too can get better dental health.

But the bigger question is, do you need it?
The above points will help you judge if you need a water flosser or not.
You can choose between a water flosser or traditional floss, it’s up to you but don’t forget to floss every day at least once.